Since 1999, we have been predominantly straight breeding (purebred) Square Meater cattle, constantly improving the herd’s performance, structural correctness and efficiency of production, optimising our beef quality and yield.

Our breeding program aims to isolate and remove performance deficiencies therefore only maintaining and improving upon what we believe to be the most beneficial traits – the correct balance of size, maturation, muscling, fertility and temperament; the perfect Square Meater!

Stemming from our original stud cattle purchased from foundation studs such as Glenfiddich, Rainbow Estate, Woolaringa and Mandalong studs, we have established our very own award winning genetics.

Accolades to date include Grand Champion awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, champion ribbons at the Royal Canberra Show, and consistently being selected to represent the breed at the Stanhill Trophy Open Steer Competition at Sydney Royal Easter Shows. A testimony to our genetics which are sought after by stud and commercial breeders alike. 

Breeding Philosophy

Breeding Philosophy


We run our cattle on a sustainable and productive cell based grazing system, aiming to optimise natural crop growth, avoid the use of pesticides and discourage weed development.

Regular minor and major seasonal rotations aim to increase overall productivity, maintain natural soil fertility and minimise disease. This is achieved by preventing soil compaction (from both the livestock and machinery), soil erosion (from over grazing) and sustaining a dense pasture coverage. Additionally, as our farm sits on an old orchard, our pastures are well-structured and have good drainage allowing easy plant root growth.

What does all this mean? It ensures our final product will remain all grass-fed beef – hipsters rejoice!


Breed Traits

Breed Traits

Square Meaters are low input, high yield cattle. They are a medium framed size breed and have been bred in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Square Meaters beneficial traits include:


-          Compact cattle allowing higher stocking rates and more beef per hectare

-          Calve easily and low birth rates, have good mothering tendencies and possess optimal               milk production

-          Early maturing, meaning they are ready for the market at a younger age

-          Quality muscling, great for premium beef

-          Excellent temperament, easy handling, family cattle


Furthermore, Square Meaters have a much lower environmental impact than other breeds of cattle – they are green cattle!

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