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At Silver Gully we produce biologically sustainable, top quality beef packages. This means minimal use of artificial pesticides/herbicides and fertilizers due to rotational grazing to reduce the burden of weeds, worms and disease. The quality of our final product reflects this, with limited chemical or hormonal interference that can be found in the supermarket. We breed and grow our own steers from registered Square Meater stud stock. We organise the transport to the abattoir and to the local butcher for dressing and packaging. The animals are presold prior to slaughter, and often collected directly from the butcher.


Originally, we aimed to produce enough beef to enable our family to become self-sufficient, while teaching our children the values of a country lifestyle. This simple notion has taken on a life of its own in recent years as we have expanded our production and sales. Now, we are pleased to be able to offer premium meat packages for sale direct to the public. Usually, our main meat sales will occur in March and October.

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