Spring time cows
Lush pastures at Silver Gully Estate
Young quality Square Meater bulls
New born Silver Gully calf
Silver Gully Square Meaters stall
Silver Gully Chinka - Junior Champ
Mangrove Mountain Country Fair
Canadian Import - Renee
Sunset over the paddocks
Silver Gully Kaz - Grand Champ
Monitoring herd quality
Silver Gully temperment
Silver Gully Bull
Checking over the herd
Silver Gully cows and calves
Silver Gully Galadriel
Silver Gully Cicero - Res. Senior
Sleeping calves
Silver Gully Chinka - Senior Champ
No ifs, just butts!
Square Meater Bull Sale!
The old tractor
Silver Gully mothers and calves
Silver Gully Ellowyn - Junior Champ
Silver Gully's Square Meater Yards
A few nice looking rumps!
Silver Gully Square Meaters @ MMCF
Inquisitive cows
Silver Gully herd peacefully resting
Silver Gully Square Meater Steer
Silver Gully cows on the move

About Our Farm

About Our Farm

About Our Farm

Silver Gully Estate is a biologically sustainable, family-run Square Meater cattle stud located in Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales. 


On our farm, there are more than just cattle. Silver Gully is the residence for too many dogs, a cat, geese, an alpaca and the occasional stray chicken!


We initially chose to breed Square Meater cattle based on their quiet temperaments, easy calving and early maturing capabilities. After purchasing our first stud cows in 1999, we have developed a top quality breeding stud with multi-award winning cattle, as well as a successful 'paddock to plate', grass-fed beef packages. 


We operate our farm on a cell based grazing system, to avoid the use of pesticides and encourage natural crop growth. Square Meater cattle are a compact breed, generating a smaller carbon footprint as a result of their medium framed size: making them low input, high yield cattle.

Over the years, we have developed our genetics to produce the finest quality stud and beef. Silver Gully is known to consistently collect awards from national shows such the Royal Easter Show and Royal Canberra Show. We also regularly attend local agricultural shows and fairs to showcase our prize stud, to give back to the community and promote our breed.


We live by the philosophy that 'happy cows' will always equal better beef, and are proud of both the stud cattle and beef packages we are able to offer to the public.

Read more of our articles, thoughts and publications on our blog!

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