Paddock to plate

At Silver Gully we produce biologically sustainable, premium quality beef packages. This means minimal use of artificial pesticides/herbicides and fertilizers because we implement rotational grazing to reduce the burden of weeds, worms and disease, unlike beef you might find in the supermarket.


We breed and grow our own steers from registered Square Meater stud stock. We organise the transport to the abattoir and to the local butcher for professional dressing and packaging. The animals are pre-sold prior to slaughter, and are generally collected directly from the butcher by our customers. Our beef packs reflect a true portion of the animal - a mix of cuts, meaning minimal wastage and low food miles. 

We aim to offer six opportunities to purchase per year, depending on when our animals are in the highest quality condition. 


Frequently asked questions

Does My Insurance Cover The Treatment?

The UroLift System treatment is covered by Medicare and many private insurers. Contact your insurance provider for your specific coverage information.

How Does The UroLift System Treatment Compare To Other Treatment Options?

The UroLift System treatment has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for symptoms related to BPH. Its risk profile is better than most traditional surgical options, and patients report symptom relief better than reported with medications.4 In the large, pivotal study on the UroLift System, there were no instances of new, sustained erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory dysfunction.4