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Paddock to plate

At Silver Gully we produce biologically sustainable, premium quality beef packages. This means minimal use of artificial pesticides/herbicides and fertilizers because we implement rotational grazing to reduce the burden of weeds, worms and disease, unlike beef you might find in the supermarket.


We breed and grow our own steers from registered Square Meater stud stock. We organise the transport to the abattoir and to the local butcher for professional dressing and packaging. The animals are pre-sold prior to slaughter, and are generally collected directly from the butcher by our customers. Our beef packs reflect a true portion of the animal - a mix of cuts, meaning minimal wastage and low food miles. 

We aim to offer six opportunities to purchase per year, depending on when our animals are in the highest quality condition. 


  • What is a Silver Gully home-grown beef pack?
    Silver Gully is proud to offer beef packs for sale direct to the public. You can order a ‘quarter’ beef pack – which is essentially a quarter of one of our home-grown cattle. This will comprise a ‘true’ quarter, including a range of cuts of meat, such as T-Bone, Rump, New York, Chuck, Topside, Mince and Sausage. A quarter pack usually lasts a family of four around 3 months, and takes up the same amount of space in your freezer as 6-8 loaves of bread.
  • How big are they (and how much do they cost)?
    You can order a 1/4 ('quarter') or 1/8 ('eighth') pack - the actual size of the beef pack depends on the live-weight of the animal (which depends on the season), as it is an actual quarter or eighth of the animal! We take orders in advance and then after pick up, we work out the total cost for you based on the weight of the animal at the abattoir and costs. Usually, an eighth beef pack is between 19kg and 22kg. Our current price works out as approx. $24 per kg (so the total cost is generally between $465 and $540) for an eighth pack.
  • When (and where) are your beef packs available?
    We aim to produce beef packs for sale 3-4 times per year. Given our sustainable farming practices, when there is a tough season, we may not be able to fatten and this may reduce availability (and vice versa when we have a good season!) Essentially, when we have young cattle fattened in our grassy paddocks on the farm, we let our mailing list know they are ready for orders to be placed! Pick up is available direct from The Sausage Man in Wyong (our local butcher) during business hours on the set pick up day (notified to you in advance)
  • Tell me about the butcher!
    Our butcher, Jake Forbes, ‘The Sausage Man’ in Wyong, has won many awards for his fantastic sausages and butchering skills. Jake cuts our meat to obtain optimal quality – so for example, sometimes you’ll receive New York cut steaks and other times, Oyster Blade instead! He takes the best cuts from each animal individually to present to you the best possible product
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