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Award-winning genetics

Silver Gully Estate is proud to offer stud stock bred from award-winning genetics, selected for excellence to breeders and new enthusiasts.

We make subtle improvements to our herd through both preservation of classic lineage genetics, combined with the infusion of diverse genetic stock at tri-yearly intervals. With a focus on ensuring cattle with quiet temperament, early maturing characteristics, and structural correctness, development, we are produce to produce bulls and heifers to complement both stud and commercial herds. 

For more information on our breeding program or stud cattle currently available - 'talk cows' with us until the cows come home!

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Building your herd

SIRES: Silver Gully strive to uphold their tradition of consistently producing award caliber bulls each year by constructing subtle improvements through the continued infusion of diverse and current genetics. The Silver Gully team annually hand pick the finest young bulls who show early maturing, quiet personality traits, sound structural development and most importantly meet our expectations.

HEIFERS: We now have a number of stud quality 12-15 month old heifers for sale which would be an asset to any herd. Many of our heifers are bred from prize-winning bloodlines, and they are very easy to handle and transport.

PACKAGES: Silver Gully recommends the purchase of cow and calf packages, particularly for first time buyers. Cow and calf packages allow the purchaser to both obtain multiple animals at lower prices as well as delaying the need to obtain a bull for your cows.

Contact us or check out our Facebook page to see available animals!


Square Meaters - The quiet achievers

Square Meaters are an all Australian cattle breed, bred to meet the demands of the domestic market.

Square Meater cattle are characterised by their:

  • 'medium' frame (moving away from the export market-driven 'bigger is better' approach of the 1970s/1980s)

  • quiet temperament and handling

  • easy calving and low birth weights

  • early maturing - explosive growth for early beef consumption

Square Meater cattle are the breed of choice for many small acreage, family or older farmers, but 'punch above their weight' on dressing scores and yield. 

If you are interested in joining us as a future breeder, contact the

Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia

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